Passion oozes from the crack he left..

I am me simply put.. i won't bite my tongue and i won't hold back. Love it or hate me but you will see me raw and beautifully. I love hard and i hate harder.. you choose....

Sick but I’m tryna hide it. Blah!
Cold af heading to work. Had to get creative and cover my ears!!
Cutting up with lil bro hat! Lol tongue action stay ready
Ooooo I’m tellin!! Memories from everyone’s childhood lol
So proud of my lil babies!! Proud dread head! Locd and loving it
Study breakin photo shoot! Lol
Many faces of boredom
Loving the wild yet tamed look my locs create today!
I really wanted to cry. But every woman knows how to force a smile. In my weakness I find strength
this picture is my favorite! an ode to my locs in all their beauty!