Passion oozes from the crack he left..

I am me simply put.. i won't bite my tongue and i won't hold back. Love it or hate me but you will see me raw and beautifully. I love hard and i hate harder.. you choose....

Sweater swag!!
Tryna embrace the wildness of my locs right now! In need of an appointment badly. Lol
Gettin long! Gettin thick!!
My bae,Dj, he keeps a girl like me warm at night. No bed bugs. No loneliness. Wait who am I fooling. I’m grown and I still sleep wit a stuffed animal. Definition of lonely :-( ughhhh
Tryna relax before work
Early morning Makin moves..much rather be in bed
Cheese!  So ready to be off work. Sn:no make up! I must say I don’t look too bad lol
Fake smile…
Time to tighten up the locs…
Just a Lil growth