Passion oozes from the crack he left..

I am me simply put.. i won't bite my tongue and i won't hold back. Love it or hate me but you will see me raw and beautifully. I love hard and i hate harder.. you choose....


24. May 2013

Come pour into me
Drown me in your pain
So I can fill you with love overflowing
Tears pour like rain
I can see lightening in your eyes
As emotions erupt like thunder
Give me your storm
So I can be your silver lining
Knight in shining
Come to rescue
Mend your broken heart
Shower me in your pains
So I can pour out love like rain

My eyes are big but I think I’ve grown to like them!
Study breakin photo shoot! Lol
Many faces of boredom

All my followers shy I guess ?!

28. August 2012

Sometimes I enjoy talkin to strangers. Hell I’ve even made friends with a few. Not just guys either. Females too!! So yeah um I don’t bite people. And I don’t mind having asks ya kno?! Lol well stop by shy and get in my box!!

It’s Sunday

19. August 2012

I’m bored n lonely just a tad…aww how lovely it’d be to lay next to a beautiful black man n just be lazy together.

If I were laying next to u, could u play me in peekaboo ?!  (Taken with Instagram)

Who want to send me nudes?!

21. June 2012

submit or hit my ask
super bored n wanna see who will actually do it