Passion oozes from the crack he left..

I am me simply put.. i won't bite my tongue and i won't hold back. Love it or hate me but you will see me raw and beautifully. I love hard and i hate harder.. you choose....

Enjoying miso soup on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to my BFF for capturing me
#Me and my bed have a special connection on Saturdays lol
my 👑 is glowing 😊.
It’s a beautiful day 😊
After a great date night. I must say happiness is definitely glowing on me.
I ain’t sh*t for cropping ppl out the pic lol but it’s not my fault they wasn’t ready.
I’m my own valentine. I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to go lol oh well off to enjoy my night with other valentine-less ppl lol
Crazy. Sexy. Still working on the cool lol
Insert beyonce song…